The Porcine Parade
Smithfield 2020 launched a public art initiative in 2011 to celebrate the cultural and historic heritage of Smithfield.
Isle of Wight Arts League and Smithfield & Isle of Wight Tourism partnered with Smithfield 2020 to manage the

The eight selected statues were officially unveiled during Olden Days celebrations on June 29th, 2012.

The artists donated their time and paid for the paint used on the statues. All other costs were underwritten by:

A Walk through the Pork
Artist: Abigail Ketcham
Location: Main Street, near Route 10 By-pass

This porcine design reveals the enjoyment of Windsor Castle Park
through its bright, cheery colors, its emphasis on gardening and
agriculture and the fluidity of the landscape. Locals and visitors
enjoy many activities here such as biking, picnicking, walking and
kite flying.

Birth of Ham
Artist: Mallory Jarrell
Location: Smithfield Foods campus, near Smithfield Little Theatre

This version of Botticelli's The Birth of Venus pays homage to
Smithfield's hams. Flanked by porcine angels, Venus has been
replaced by the famous pork product while the landscape and
seascape reflect that of Smithfield and the Pagan River.

Cultural Pig
Artist: Jennifer Lycke
Location: Arts Center / Visitor Center, 319 Main Street

This hog celebrates the arts. On one side, an artistic pig sporting a
beret and smock works at its easel on a flying pig creation while
the other side shows the Smithfield courthouse with two pilloried

Artist: Lois Chapman
Location: Isle of Wight County Museum

Like her namesake tree known for its beautiful flowers, Magnolia
shows her beauty through photographs and maps from the Isle
of Wight County Museum's collection to detail the community's
rich history. Dressed as a porcine scrapbook, Magnolia offers the
viewer a chance to see the elements which make this area unique.

Steamboat Swilly
Artist: Catherine Minga
Location: Luter Drive, at the waterfront

Donning a turn-of -the-century captain's uniform, Steamboat
Swilly represents the memory of Captain O.G. Delk, one of
Smithfield's first steamboat captains during the era when the town
was a major shipping port, providing transportation as well as
commerce. Delk is the great-great grandfather of the artist, who
chose him to honor Smithfield's seaport heritage.

Sweet Swine of Avon
Artist: Brenda Joyner
Location: Hayden's Lane

In 1905, the Shakespeare Class of Smithfield first met in Hayden
Hall to celebrate William Shakespeare. From September to April,
the group meets every Thursday to study the works of the man
known as the Sweet Swan of Avon. This Shakespeare pig dons
period costume adorned with the family crest, the Globe Theater
and imagery from the Bard’s plays.

Swine and Roses
Artist: Sheila Gwaltney
Location: Smithfield Station entrance to Windsor Castle Park

A true epicure is a gourmet knowledgeable in the art of fine food
and drink while a true epigcure knows that this area’s agricultural
abundance and natural resources provide plenty for the practice
of the culinary arts. Adorning this pig are images of ham biscuits,
vineyards, row crops and flowers.

Windsor Castle Pork
Artist: Cil Barbour
Location: Mason Street entrance to Windsor Castle Park

This pig offers visitors a glimpse of the many activities and
elements featured at Windsor Castle Park. Fishing, kayaking,
canoeing, scenic woodland trails, open spaces, a natural
amphitheater and the historic home enhance this 209-acre
riverside park.
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